The Ghent Early Modern Philosophy Seminar




The Ghent early modern research seminar started last fall with the aim of reading Aristotle into / vs. early modern texts. It will continue in the second semester with sessions on late scholastics and early modern authors (Suárez, Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz).

Researchers are invited to participate. Any topic related to early modern philosophy is welcome, though note that the seminar has a focus on the history of science in the period. 


Conveners: Lucian Petrescu & Jo van Cauter

Place: Usually in Blandijnberg 2, room 210, Ghent


Students are welcome. Please email us beforehand if you wish to attend at  and/or


Current seminar:

May 13th, 19:00

Leibniz, Principles of Philosophy (La Monadologie), 1714. 

English translation by Bennet, Original French, Latin version of the Acta eruditorum 

N.B.! Location for this one is secret, so please register if you want to attend. 


Past seminars:

March 11th, 16:00

Spinoza II. The Treatise on the Emendation of the Intellect

January 28, 16:00

Substance III. Aristotelianism in Spinoza's presentation of Descartes.

Text: Spinoza: Cogitata Metaphysica, the Appendix to The Principles of Cartesian Philosophy

Get text here



October 29, 16:00

Substance I. On forms


Aristotle, Categories, 5

Metaphysics Z, 1-17

Metaphysics H, 1-6

We will follow Ross's translation, here




November 12, 16:00

Substance II. On modes


Descartes, Principles of Philosophy, I, §§ 51-59

Letter to Regius, January 1642

Spinoza, Ethics, Ip 12-28

We will follow CSM for Descartes and Curley for Spinoza.


November 26, 16:00


Change I. On “coming to be”

Physics, Book I, 1, 7-9  (here)

On Generation and Corruption, Book I (here)