Epistemology Meeting: Doxastic Attitudes

Van Gogh - The Postman

Wednesday January 18th 2012 (11-17h)

Venue: Ghent, Blandijnberg 2, room 2.19 [maps] [trains & trains]


Goal: People believe, disbelieve, hypothesize, withhold belief about, understand, are ignorant of, etc. all sorts of things. The goal of the meeting is to explore the significant differences between these attitudes.



Tjerk Gauderis (Ghent): Hypotheses, Beliefs and Knowledge

Tim De Mey (Rotterdam): Belief Systems and Systems of Belief: Individuating the Propositional Attitudes

Christoph Kelp (Leuven): Towards a Knowledge-Based Account of Understanding

Rik Peels (Utrecht): Ignorance: Its Nature and Philosophical Relevance

Jan Willem Wieland (Ghent): Sticking, Suspending. A New Puzzle About Rationality


Programme here.


Chairs: Maarten Van Dyck & Bert Leuridan

Meeting dinner: Immediately after the meeting, we'll have dinner in the neighbourhood.


All welcome! Please let us know if you'd like to attend: