Conferences & Talks



  • March, 21st, Grolog Lecture, University of Groningen (NL): "Error Handling"




  • December, 14th, Workshop on Information Quality, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield (UK): "Algorithmic Check of Standards for Information Quality Dimensions"
  • September, 24th, Conference on Judgement and Justification, University of Tampere (FI): "Justifications and Wrong Judgements"
  • September 14th, Colloquium Logicum 2012, University of Paderborn (Germany): "Accessibility, Matching, Use: on limitations of computing in a distributed setting" 
  • August 17th, Proof, Computation, Complexity - International Workshop, University of Copenhagen (DK): "A Modal Type System for Safe Distributed Computing"
  • June, 22nd, Computability in Europe 2012 Conference, University of Cambridge (UK): "A verificationist modal language for contextual computations" 
  • May, 4th, Workhsop of the ANR-LOCI Research Group, University Paris 8, Paris (FR): "Local Validity and Interaction by Epistemic Modal Types".
  • February, 9th, Seminar "Syntax and Semantics: A Legacy of Alan Turing", Isaac Newton Institute for the Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge (UK): "Practical Reasoning with Proofs and Types".





    • November, 23rd, International Conference "Truth-makers and Proof-objects", Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris (FR): "Modes of Truth, Ways of Knowing".
    • September, 29th,  Ninth International Tbilisi Symposium on Language, Logic and Computation, Kutaisi (GE): "Alleged Assassins: realist and constructivist semantics for modal modification" (with B. Jespersen)
    • September, 5th, 7th European Congress of Analytic Philosophy, Milan (IT): "Validity in Modal Procedural Semantics" 
    • July, 25th, Intuitionistic Modal Logic and Applications, Nancy (FR): "A multi-modal type theory for safe distributed programming"
    • July, 21st, 14th Congress on Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, Nancy (FR): "Procedural Semantics for a Modal Type System".
    • May, 31st, Computational Logic Seminar, Graduate Center, City University of New York (US): "Making Dependent Evidence Explicit in Justification Logic".
    • April, 12th, Computational Logic Seminar, Graduate Center, City University of New York (US): "A type system with modalities for safe distributed computing II: Procedural Semantics".
    • April, 5th, Computational Logic Seminar, Graduate Center, City University of New York (US): "A type system with modalities for safe distributed computing".
    • February, 3rd, AILA2011 Meeting, Bologna (IT): "A judgemental modal type theory for data accessibility"




        • October, 4th, ECAP2010, Munich (DE): "Formalizing Correctness and Interaction by Modal Types".






              • December, 3rd, Invited Lecture at Hypo Project, IHPST, Paris, France: "A modal type theory for constructive reasoning with open assumptions".
              • November, 19-21, Conference on Logic and Engineering of Natural Language Semantics (LENLS VI), Tokyo, Japan: "Two type-theoretical approaches to privative modification" (with B. Jespersen).
              • October, 2nd, Logic Seminar @ Helsinki Philosophy Department, Helsinki, Finland: "Epistemic Possibilities for Constructive Reasoning with Open Assumptions".
              • July, 2nd, European Conference on Computing and Philosophy, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain: "On the meaning of decidability issues in dependent types for the problem of output correctness".



              • September, 1st, Workshop Young Researchers in Logic, History and Philosophy of Science, Koninklijke Vlaamse Academie van Belgie voor Wetenschappen en Kusten, Brussel, Belgium: "Constructive Modalities for Information".
              • August, 11-15, Workshop on Logic and Intelligent Interaction, ESSLLI 2008, Hamburg, Germany: "Quasi-merging and Pure Arbitration on Information for the Family of Logics ADM".
              • July, 3-5: LOFT08, 8th Conference on Logic and the Foundations of Game and Decision Theory Amsterdam (Nl): "Aggregating Collective Judgements by selecting Disagreements".

              • July, 1-3, FUSION08, 11th International Conference on Information Fusion Cologne, Germany: "Adaptive Arbitration by Variant Counting on Commutative Bases with Weights".

              • May, 28, Talks at the Philosophy Department, Universita' Statale di Milano (Italy): "Teoria epistemica delle presupposizioni e logica del divenire informati a base costruttivista".

              • May, 11-17. CLE30/XVEBL/XIVSLALM, Paraty, Brasil: "Retraction for the Adaptive Logic of Information Update".



                  • November, 19th, Philosophy Department TU Delft (NL); "Interacting beliefs".
                  • August: LMPS07 - 13th International Conference on Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, Beijing, China: "An Adaptive Approach to Belief Change".
                  • 26-29 March: International Conference: "Logica&Metafisica", Dep. FIERI, Palermo University: "Dynamics: nuove fondazioni per la logica".
                  • August, 6th, 2007: Workshop on Logic, Rationality and Interaction (LORI), Beijing, China: "Belief Merging Based on Adaptive Interaction".



                    • December: Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science, Ghent University: "Dynamics and Information for Constructive Logics".
                    • July: Logic Colloquium 2006, ASL European Summer Meeting, Nijmegen – Holland: "A constructive type-theoretical Interpretation of the philosophical Methods of Abstraction and Instantiation".
                    • June: Logica 2006, International Symposium Institute of Philosophy, Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic: "On building abstract Concepts in typed Systems".
                    • March: Seminario Coordinamento Nazionale Italiano Dottorati di Ricerca in Filosofia/Istituto Italiano di Scienze Umane, Firenze: "Informazione e Conoscenza". 
                    • February: Dep. ARCO - Arti e Comunicazioni, Palermo University: "Dall'Artificiale al Vivente - Una storia naturale dei concetti" (Polimetrica 2005).
                    •  January: Seminari filosofici - Biblioteca Tematica "Potere e Sapere" - Palermo University: "Bernard Bolzano: Aspetti generali della Wissenschaftslehre".





                    • PhD Philosophy Meetings, Palermo University: "Il Principio di Analiticita' tra Kant e Bolzano".
                    • Logica 2005, International Symposium, Institute of Philosophy, Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic: "Belief Revision in Constructive Type Theory".
                    • Annual Italian Meeting PhD Candidates in Philosophy, Reggio Emilia: "Information in a Constructive Setting".



                    • LMPS03 - 12th International Conference on Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, Oviedo, Spain: "Some Remarks about the Analysis/Synthesis Problem: a new Context for the Notion of Information".
                    • "Workshop di Studi filosofici 2002/03", Biblioteca Tematica Potere e Sapere, Faculty of Philosophy - University of Palermo: "Informazione e Dimostrazione".